Many people believe that simply because the technology in home appliances continues to progress, modern dishwashers are leak-proof. This is far from the truth. While newer dishwashers may be more energy efficient and may offer more wash settings, they are often less sturdy than their more rugged ancestors. In the inventor's years of repairing dishwashers, he hasn't seen a line of dishwashers that's entirely foolproof. The fact is, some of the established names seem to be relaxing their quality control because of the momentum of the brand name.

With quality of specific makes and models difficult to ascertain, a Save Your Floors mat is the only way to ensure the safety of your floors. Below are examples of what you might expect should you suffer water damage in your kitchen.

The damage done to floors is costly, but the increase in homeowners insurance after an individual files a water damage claim is even less palatable. The insurance industry pays hundreds of millions of dollars for water damage claims each year. Homeowners are now demanding more extensive compensation for damage done to their homes, and insurance is becoming not only more expensive, but harder to qualify for as well.

Some of the increased cost of insurance results from the severe hazards of mold. As we discover mold can cause more serious illnesses than previously known, insurance companies are replacing larger sections of the home and even paying for the family to stay in a hotel while the danger of mold spores is assessed. In cases when family members develop health problems, medical bills may also have to be covered. These expenses are cutting deep into the pockets of insurance companies, and the homeowners in turn are feeling the squeeze. Worse than increased insurance rates, some insurance companies cancel policies when mold is found, and the family is forced to pay for weeks or months of hotel bills on their own! Even if the policy is not immediately canceled, the insurance company may refuse to pay the hotel and damage repair bills if the leak can be described as "slow and continuous."

When a dishwasher leak occurs, it is considered a slow and continuous leak, which is a type of leak the insurance companies regard as the homeowner's responsibility to notice. Because many dishwasher leaks happen towards the middle or rear of the machine, it may not be until floorboards begin warping that you realize you have a leak. Even if no threatening mold is found, because of the slow and continuous nature of a dishwasher leak an individual may have serious problems dealing with the insurance company. A Save Your Floors mat brings the water to the front of the dishwasher so you notice a leak immediately.

Some residents report that because they filed for water damage claims they lost their coverage when it came time to renew. With no homeowners insurance many individuals are finding it's nearly impossible to sell their homes. When your home's marketability drops so drastically, it can be a true financial nightmare. You home is your most important investment - protect it in all ways!


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