The media constantly tries to sensationalize the next big threat to our health, but today there is one growing health concern with an incredible amount of research to support it: toxic molds.

Toxic molds produce harmful chemicals called mycotoxins, and this is one of the principle differences between toxic molds and the molds commonly used to create medicines and food. Toxic molds are typically very dark, often black. There are many types of molds that can thrive due to appliance leaks, and toxic molds are among those.

Toxic molds can cause a variety of illnesses in humans, from the merely annoying to severe afflictions. Lesser illnesses include (but are not limited to) headache, rashes, coughing and other respiratory irritation. Major conditions arising from exposure to mold include forms of pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses, sinus infections, fatigue, bloody coughs, sore throat and memory problems.

To eliminate these molds often times a room fogger is used. This machine is used to disperse an antimicrobial substance which can get to even the smallest crevices in a room. After the room is fogged the room must be checked for remnants of the mold. The process of fogging and retesting the rooms may take weeks, and families have been displaced for as long as months. The cost of living in a hotel and treating the home repeatedly is making some insurance offices and homeowners realize a haunting fact: it may be cheaper in extreme cases to burn the house to the ground and rebuild the home.

Some strains of toxic mold are so dangerous that experts refuse to allow residents to reclaim anything from the house. Can you think of any priceless items in your house such as heirlooms and photographs - things that can't be replaced? Some insurance companies refuse to cover homes after mold is discovered because of the costs involved and the notion that slow and continuous leaks are an indication of negligence on the part of the homeowner - can you afford not to have insurance?

While mold-induced health problems can most often be treated, it's unnecessary to risk the health of yourself and your family. With a Save Your Floors mat families can avoid putting their lives on hold due to displacement during mold testing and treatment.


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