My name is John Celi, owner of Anytime Appliance Repair, and inventor of the Save Your Floors mat.

I've been in the appliance repair business for 22 years and have seen countless instances of floor and subfloor damage. I've witnessed first hand the cost and inconvenience to the homeowner. For this reason I knew I had to find an inexpensive, easy to install, virtually universal product with no mechanical parts which might fail. When I couldn't find a product like this, I invented one. It has taken me 3 years to go from concept to this finished product which I wholly stand behind. The Save Your Floors mat is a high-quality product with a lifetime guarantee.

When a built-in dishwasher develops a leak (and most dishwashers eventually will) the leak occurs underneath the dishwasher. The longer it goes undetected, the greater the opportunity for the leak to destroy the flooring beneath the dishwasher and to seep under the rest of the kitchen flooring.

This mat will collect water leaks from all dishwasher components (motor assembly, pump assembly, water valves, and water hoses) long before they cause major damage to flooring, carpets, subfloors, walls, and basements. The mat not only protects flooring from leaks, but it also forces water to the front of the machine signifying that there is a leak that must be repaired.

The new Save Your Floors Dishwasher mat fits under dishwashers in a matter of minutes (no removal necessary). If you have any question on Installation please contact us.

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